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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scuba Diving In Italy

The white sandy beaches of Sardinia and abundance of sea life is a divers dream. Water temperatures in Sardinia vary from 15 degrees centigrade to nearly 25 degrees in summer and fall. Visibility is 50-100 feet where you will see octopus, coral, sponges and more. See for yourself why divers choose Sardinia...

Costa Smeralda with its unspoiled pink sandy pristine beaches is perfect for swimming. Sardinia's coast is truly captivating and whether you are a novice or an expert diver there are dive sites for both levels. The coral reefs, scorpion fish, barracuda, and diving for wrecks make this an unforgettable Italian experience.

Visit some interesting websites about the Island of Sardinia Some good diver sites include and

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