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Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Buy Authentic Italian Products

Not all "Made in Italy" Italian products are made equal. How many times have you purchased a product supposedly made in Italy and you could not believe how cheap it was? Be careful. Just because a tag or label says "Made in Italy" does not mean it is an authentic Italian product.

Consumers, wholesalers and retailers should always check for authenticity before buying because there are illegal products on the market and unless you know how to check for authenticity, you may be buying illegal goods or counterfeit goods. There are some manufacturers who are engaging in child labor and running sweat shops. I saw many back door shops in Milan and Roma so be careful when you shop in Italy or buy in the U.S.

Genuine Italian Products come with a special True Italy service tag and have an authenticity code and serial number printed on the label. The label bears the logo that appears in this post. To check for authenticity, you go to, enter the authenticity code and click on the Check it now button. If you find that the product is not authentic, you should return it immediately and demand a refund. There are many unscrupulous vendors out there waiting for your dollar or euro. Don't become a victim.

If you are a wholesaler and looking to buy authentic products, please consider They are a highly reputable and respected company with various authentic Italian brands. In 2008, Italy was the 12th largest trading partner with the U.S. with exports to Italy of $15.5 billion and imports from Italy of $36.1 billion. While prices of authentic Italian products are higher than a similar product, you are buying the real thing and Italian quality will last you a lifetime, not 90 days.

I hope this authoritative information is helpful for any consumer, buyer or seller of All Things Italian.

Ciao e a presto,